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Subscriptions Bivy Stick

To work with the Bivy stick, you can choose from 3 subscriptions: Basic, Plus or Unlimited.
Here is an overview that allows you to compare the 3 subscriptions. We also give you more information about how it works with the credits and what you can do with the credits. Interested in buying a Bivy Stick? During the checkout process, you indicate which subscription you want to add. We will contact you to activate the subscription.

Flexible subscriptions make the bivy accessible to everyone

  • After the initial 2-month commitment, plans can be changed or deactivated online at any time.
  • Credits you don’t use automatically carry over to the next month.
  • If you deactivate a plan, you will lose all rollover credits that have accumulated on your account. Basic & Plus plans only.
  • Annual plans require an annual contract. See terms and conditions.
  • After the initial 2-month commitment, plans automatically renew monthly until the plan is deactivated.
  • Payment is made monthly in advance.
  • SOS messages are included and are not deducted from your subscription.
  • Is the Bivy connected to your phone via Bluetooth and do you have mobile coverage? Then the Bivy works via mobile network and does not cost any credits.
  • Let family, friends or other travellers follow your Bivy account? No additional subscription is required for this.

How Credits Work

Each credit is one action of the Bivy Stick

Once you connect the Bivy Stick to the Bivy app on your smartphone via Bluetooth, the Bivy automatically chooses the mobile network as long as you have coverage with your phone. All actions the Bivy Stick performs over the mobile network do not cost credits. The credits work via satellite and are only used when you are in areas where no mobile network is available.

Weather forecasts

  • 1 credit – basic weather report
  • 2 credits – premium weather report


  • 1 credit – per message sent
  • 1 credit – per message received
  • FREE check-ins – Custom preset messages always free and unlimited


  • Two minutes – 1 credit per 12 minutes
  • Five minutes – 1 credit per 30 minutes
  • Ten minutes (standard) – 1 credit per 1 hour
  • Thirty minutes – 1 credit every 3 hours
  • Sixty minutes- 1 credit every 6 hours

Satellite Mailbox Checks

  • 1 credit per 6 requests – The Bivy Stick checks for new messages for you at preset times.