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     423.50 incl. 21% btw

    For all your outdoor adventures, the RescueMe PLB1 is indispensable to increase your safety. This innovative product offers the perfect solution for all adventurers, whether on land or on water. With a 30% smaller size than other emergency beacons, you can easily put it in your (coat)pocket. But with the handy mounting clip, the PLB can also be easily attached to your backpack, belt, or life jacket.

    Can be used for outdoor adventures such as:

    • Kite, wind & foil surfing
    • 4×4 driving & overlanding
    • Motorcycling
    • Kayaking
    • SUP
    • Hiking & (mountain) walking
    • Backpacking
    • Skiing & snowboarding
    • & more….

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