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Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

A Personal Locator Beacon, or simply PLB, is the way to send an emergency signal in a life-threatening situation. Whether you go kitesurfing, kayaking or hiking. Even while backpacking or traveling by motorcycle or overland vehicle, a PLB is the device to alert rescue services. A PLB virtually always works, as it uses a globally recognized search and rescue satellite network. We will provide a brief explanation, and then discuss examples in which a Personal Locator Beacon can offer rescue. Are you already sure you want to increase your safety with a PLB? Then click the button to go directly to the shop.

| Call emergency services at the touch of a button

What is a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

A Personal Locator Beacon is a satellite-controlled device that – at the push of a button – sends an SOS signal in combination with your location to rescue services. A PLB does not use telecom networks but sends a powerful distress signal to a global system of satellites (the officially recognized Global Search and Rescue Satellite Network; Cospas Sarsat). Once received, the satellite system transmits the emergency call to a network of aid organizations, ultimately directing the request for assistance to a local search and rescue organization. The Rescue Coordination Center in the Netherlands is also used to obtain more information about your identity, characteristics and travel plans via your 24/7 contact address. This way, the right help can be deployed.

Safe Outdoor Shop has consciously chosen the rescueME PLB1 as its Personal Locator Beacon. This compact PLB has already proven itself and has important advantages such as:

  • Works in remote areas worldwide*;
  • Built-in 66 channel GPS so that your position can be sent directly with the emergency signal;
  • Homing signal (which allows a rescue helicopter to gauge your exact location) and bright flash light;
  • Super compact device, easy to attach to your equipment.
  • Battery lasts seven years (or until use, must be sent in for replacement);
  • • Once activated, the device will continue to work for at least 24 hours, even at -20 ºC, even after the PLB has been unused in the cabinet for (max.) 7 years (the PLB1 can be switched off yourself);
  • No subscription costs, in the Netherlands you only pay for a broadcasting license (approximately €40 per year), go to the RDI website;

* Works best with a clear view of the sky (stronger signal than a Satellite Messenger).

Please note: the PLB1 does not offer the option to send messages home or cancel an SOS call. Use the Bivy Satellite messenger for this.

Why a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

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Although we all think that things never go wrong, accidents can and will happen. Whether it concerns activities on land, such as hiking, mountain biking, cycling or overlanding with a motorcycle, 4×4 or camper. But disaster can also strike during water activities, such as wind or kite surfing, kayaking or fishing. And it is precisely at those times that it is important to quickly send a distress signal. With a PLB this can be done at the push of a button. Thanks to the battery life of seven years, you are assured of a device that does what it needs to do at the important moments for years to come. Where your phone’s battery sometimes lets you down, or the range leaves much to be desired, this does not happen with a PLB.

After activation of the emergency signal, the PLB1 continues to work for at least 24 hours. Even at -20 ºC. Thanks to the built-in Homing beacon transmitter (121.5MHz), helicopters and aircraft can gauge the exact position. In addition, the EDF1 is a great addition to your Safe Outdoor kit. Because as soon as you are in need, you can use this LED emergency signal lamp to show everyone who is looking out for you where you are. The red LED light is so strong that you can see it at over >10km distance. For up to 6 hours.

| Take control of your own safety. The PLB1 can be used for both land and water activities.

Please note: local laws and regulations may differ and affect the registration or use of a PLB1. Here you will find an overview of current legislation and regulations per country. It is possible to change country codes and registrations, please contact us.

PLB for sports and activities

Whether you go on an adventure alone or with a group. The PLB provides an extra safety shield, one that will last seven years without any problems. You can call emergency services at the touch of a button, no matter how remote you are. A nice and safe feeling, especially if you find yourself in a situation where every minute counts. We highlight some sports and activities, but a PLB can be used for virtually any outdoor activity.

| Go out with an even safer feeling
Emergency Beacon plb1

Safe kiting

Every year, several KNRM (dutch nautical rescue services) rescue operations are needed in the Netherlands alone to get kiters out of dire situations. With a PLB1 you can quickly transmit an emergency signal with a current location. So that you can be rescued as quickly as possible and you can enjoy this adventurous sport without any worries. Even if you are out of reach of the mobile phone network. The PLB1 ensures that people at home know that you are safe on the water.

Hiking with PLB

Even while hiking or walking an (easy) route, a lot can go wrong. From a medical problem to a (small) personal mistake with major consequences. Situations in which you do not want to be dependent on random passers-by.
With a PLB1 you can immediately call for help yourself and you can always travel with confidence. You always have reach via the PLB satellites, even if your mobile phone lets you down.

emergency beacon backpacking

Whether you go backpacking alone or with a group, it is impossible to predict what you will encounter along the way. With a PLB one thing is certain, you can always send a distress signal. Feel free to use your mobile for the most beautiful photos, the PLB is always ready for use and always has coverage when it really matters. Or choose a Bivy Satellite Messenger so that you can communicate with the home front anytime and anywhere and send an emergency signal.


Overlanding with PLB

As an overland traveler, you can use your mobile (satellite) phone in many areas, but if you really get into trouble and there is no coverage, or your phone battery is empty, a PLB can save your life. The PLB1 lasts up to 7 years without charging and offers worldwide coverage.

Kayaking with a PLB

Let your adventure begin with kayaking, whether you’re exploring the sea, lakes, big rivers or wild flowing waters. Remember that with a PLB you can always count on help, even in remote areas. Enjoy the ultimate combination of safety and adventure during your kayaking trips!

Or buy a Personal Locator Beacon now

Go out with a safer feeling. Take the PLB1 with you on your next adventure. In the Netherlands you can register the PLB1 for only €40 per year (go to RDI.nl). This way you always have access to the local emergency services. Whether that is while kiting or motorcycling. In the Netherlands, Europe or the rest of the world.

| The smallest PLB in the world